The Maryland Tai Chi Center was founded by Dr. Arnold Lee in 1980 to promote Tai Chi Chuan practice in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Dr. Lee has over 30 years of teaching experience. The Professor Cheng Man-Ching 37-posture form taught is adequate for strengthening body, preventing illness, and improving health. Among the many students he has taught, some students would have driven one to several hours weekly to attend the class. This has shown the students' recognition of Dr. Lee's lessons and the students' commitments to learn Tai Chi.

Although not actively teaching in the Tai Chi Chuan class, Dr. Lee still visits the class from time to time to inspire students. Additionally, we will arrange workshops with Dr. Lee featuring Tai Chi principles, form correction, push-hand, straight sword, or two-man set depending upon the needs and interests of participants.

Relaxation and Serenity

Based on the principles of Tai Chi, our class emphasizes the discipline of Relaxation (pronounced "Song" in Chinese) and Serenity (pronounced "Jing" in Chinese). As the Chinese phrase on the left hand side refers to, the purpose of practicing Tai Chi is to "cultivate relaxation in body, and nurture serenity in mind". The practice is a great way to achieve a state of balance and harmony between the body and mind.

Relaxation and serenity are two essentials for stress management. In today's modern society, our surroundings influence our daily lives in many ways. Excessive stress, anxiety or tension can lead to mental and physical disorders. Reducing stress has become an imperative for everyone. By practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis, we can develop the natural ability to relax in all situations and to focus regardless of what is happening around us. Tai Chi is about cultivating relaxation and nurturing serenity throughout everyday life to enhance wellness and vitality of the practitioners.