Welcome to the web site of Maryland Tai Chi Center

We offer Tai Chi Chuan classes in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Our class teaches Professor Cheng Man-Ching 37-posture form, also known as Yang-style short form.

The form of Tai Chi Chuan is practiced in slow and graceful movements, with each posture flowing into the next in a soft and relaxed manner. The practice is a method for improving physical health and relieving mental stress. The practitioners, through continuous practice, receive many benefits including body awareness, stress reduction, self confidence, improved flexibility and overall feelings of well-being. Tai Chi Chuan has become very popular in the world and is suitable for everyone regardless of age or physical ability.

Tai Chi is also a martial art of overcoming hardness with softness. By applying the principles of relaxation, softness, and sinking, one can increase agility in body movement and sensitivity in self defense while maintaining the martial arts aspects. This can be illustrated by the waterfall, the power of nature. As our moves are soft like water and our bodies are relaxed and sinking, we can develop internal energy that is powerful like waterfall. Please join us in exploring the benefits of Tai Chi practice.